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About Classic Velocity

Not much to tell really. If it has wheels and an engine, we are interested. Have been since forever. We are passionate about both 2 wheels and four, but we are particularly fond of German cars and motorcycles from post-war to 1974, as they somehow appeal to our sensibilities more than other stuff. You can find individual blogs for the stuff that we own (and have previously owned) in The Garage. Posts in the garage have no set frequency, but you can individually subscribe to them so that you will know when something new shows up.

In the main blog, Velocity Central, you will find a variety of classic vehicle reviews, commentary, vintage shows, trips, stories of vintage ownership, vintage motorsports, and general musings. There are usually just a few posts per month from Velocity Central, so it won't fill up your inbox of overwhelm you with twitter and facebook posts. They go back to 2009, and are mostly centered around the German marques, but not exclusively. If you would rather just get 2 wheeled, or just 4 wheeled posts, you can set your subscription options accordingly. Lastly, we also entertain guest posts, so if you have something that you think fits with our focus, send us a note.

There is an index by month/year (only back to 2009), one by keyword/tag/category, and one by marque. If all else fails, type into the search box. We are neither professional writers, nor professional mechanics, nor shop owners. We put this site together initially to facilitate sharing with a group of enthusiasts, and to chronicle some of the many car and motorcycle projects and adventures that we've been involved with over time. There are also no ads on this site. It has no real commercial aspirations, and for the few dollars that might get generated, we opted not to clutter up the site. This is a labor of love. If you really want to support the site, buy a hat or a mug or a t-shirt from the store.

You can subscribe via RSS or email or follow us on facebook, tumblr, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or iTunes. We hope you get an idea, or a laugh, or learn something, or offer a comment, suggestion, or just comiserate with people who have the same disease.

Got a suggestion or a thought ? Send us a note.