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Technically, this is only tangentially related to the G10, but since it is the tow vehicle it gets posted here anyway. I have had a 2000 pound Harbor freight winch sitting new in the box for two years. The original plan was to put it in the nose of the enclosed trailer that I had at the time. However, that trailer got sold and the winch remained with me. Now that I once again have a trailer, this time an open trailer, I decided that it was time to attach the winch to the trailer. However, with a rating of 2000 pounds, the winch was probably not going to suffice for pulling cars up the ramp and onto the trailer. A quick sampling of comments in the forums confirmed that while it might be able to pull a 3000 pound car rolling on level ground, it would not be able to pull it onto the trailer.

Harbor freight to the rescue once again, this time for a 5000 pound winch. The hardest part of the installation was determining where to bolt it onto the frame of the frame of the trailer. I wanted to be able to load the vehicle as far towards the tongue as possible, but there was no natural mounting point in that area. I opted for a point that was right up against the front of the trailer platform, but low enough that I should be able to pull most cars over the winch. Next up I mounted the solenoid under one of the trailer rails so it would be out of the weather, and made the electrical connections. I conducted a brief test of the winch to ensure that it was operational. At this point I have a functional winch, but I still need to figure out some kind of tongue box for the battery and possibly straps, etc. That will be a project for another day.