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Puzzling Parklights

Classic Velocity

I am not sure when this happened, but the park lights on the trailer ceased operations at some point. The brake lights and turn signals all worked fine, but running lights would not come on. It may have coincided with the issue of the headlights in the G10 blowing one of the fuses. However, that has been corrected, and the issue remained. I decided to trace some wiring and check the 9 pin connector as well. After checking the connection at the rear trailer marker lights, things magically started working ! I had changed nothing, and had not found any issues with the connections, but the running lights were suddenly working. I can only guess that in my tracing I had somehow fixed a short or caused a ground to become ...well ....grounded. I haven't seen one of these problems since I sold the Norton. It is a good example of one of those mystical electrical problems that you can't assume is completely solved....but you'll accept the progress and hope.