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Gear Towing and Tools


Classic Velocity

Gear gets sold or discarded around here for 2 reasons.

(A) It doesn't work or is crap, or

(B) It wears out.

In this case B applies. My 8 year old Alpine Stars boots came apart after a winter ride. They are well worn, and beyond repair (although I did contemplate another repair). The fact is that there are so many good alternatives out there for the cost of a repair that I was forced to confront logic. I shopped online over a week or so and found these First Gear touring/adventure style boots. I was heavily influenced by the super value that I got on my First Gear Jacket (see A January Jacket) a few years ago. It is still a good deal. I am hoping that these boots prove to be as good. One of the interesting features is the oil and grease resistant sole of the boot. It looks pretty shiny and slippery out of the box, but I am sure that it is actually better in some way that others which are not. It is one of those features that I don't really want to try out ! So now I have a Kilimanjaro jacket, and Kathmandu boots. I have some new continents to visit !