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A generator is a comforting thing. It means that when the power grid does not exist, you can create your own. The solar suitcase from Renogy was the first level of insurance. It is free power, and reliable power as long as mother nature is cooperative. But therein lies the rub. The sun does not shine at night, nor when it is obscured by clouds or mountains. If you need power during those times, you need an alternative.

Getting to places that are off the grid is often a goal. Solar is portable, and the generator needed to be portable as well. Space is always at a premium. A chance encounter with a fellow gearhead revealed that he was selling a like-new portable generator in order to get a larger one. A great deal on an item I was not really looking for at the time. The unit is a Westinghouse WH2200iXLT. It has a 1 gallon gas tank and a run time of around 10 hours at 25% load. It started on the first pull and was surprisingly quiet. Turning on Eco Mode made it even more quiet.

The unit claims 1800W running, and it comes with dual 110v outlets, a 12v cigarette lighter outlet, and alarm lights for low oil and overload. a brief test handled 600W with ease and bumped it out of Eco mode. This will easily power everything in the Bus for a road trip that involves being off the grid. It is not light at 50lbs with fuel, and it is compact but not small. However, in the situations where it would be needed, it is well worth finding room.