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Gear Towing and Tools

Inside Out

Classic Velocity

In a reversal of a move several years ago, the enclosed is traded for an open trailer. There were several factors. First and foremost, the VW Bus does not fit in the enclosed. Trips to move it about resulted in me becoming a regular at U-Haul. Second in a rare event with a stranded bus, there was no way to get a U-Haul emergently, so I was stuck waiting a whole day when I had a perfectly good enclosed trailer sitting there. Third, the last trip with the 02 in the enclosed resulted in single digit gas mileage, while the previous one with an open trailer was around double that at 16 mpg. lastly, I found a good deal on an aluminum open trailer. The combo caused me to sell the enclosed and get the open.

The new Wolverine trailer is very nice. It is very light in comparison at about half the weight of the enclosed, and even has stylish alloy wheels. Dual axle brakes, D Rings, LED lights, ample payload, almost everything I need. What’s missing? A Winch, and storage for straps and tools.