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Gear Towing and Tools

RAM X Grip

Classic Velocity

Every now and then, a product lives up to its’ hype. In this case, a few friends had raced about the RAM X Grip after trying several others. I surrendered, keeping all the original packaging handy for a quick return. The product is interesting in that it allows for a swivel of 5-10 degrees in either direction. I thought that this might cause vibration and produce an unusable product. No such worries. The phone stayed in place even in gusty wind flow. 

Next the ultimate test; high speed on a naked bike. Passed again with flying colors. The rubber grips on the X are the perfect consistency to grip a phone, and the spring is strong enough to keep the phone in place at close to triple digits (closed course, professional rider, someone else’s phone;-). The rubber grips also provide decent vibration damping. The X Grip has been a fixture moving between vehicles and the fact that it is a RAM device means that applications are endless. 

Other means to attach your phone are emerging, but the RAM X Grip will be hard to top.