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O'Neal MX Socks

Classic Velocity


1000 miles in 17 hours in full length boots. This would be a good test for any pair of socks. My go to socks for a journey like this come from ---------. They had done their job on the first leg of this trip, and were now at the bottom of the luggage in a plastic bag. The MX socks were pulled from their new wrapper and put on before daylight. At first glance, they seemed too much like wool. The day was going to be mostly in the mid/upper 80s, and this could make for an uncomfortable day. The socks are long, and came halfway over the knee. They are thick enough to provide a nice cushion, and soft enough to feel good against the skin. 

The best accolade for these socks, is that after being inside Alpinestars boots for 1000 miles straight, they were never a thought. My feet remained dry despite a very warm day. They were never clammy or sweaty. At the start of the day it was in the 50s, and my feet were comfortable.  This is the mark of good underwear, which I consider socks to be. They draw no attention to themselves, and just work...