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Gear Towing and Tools

Wolfman Monarch Pass

Classic Velocity


We all have our favorite brands, and for what is now called "adventure" gear, Wolfman is one of ours. Long before the craze, Wolfman had, and we owned a great tank bag. They also had tank panniers, gender bags,  and other soft luggage. The Monarch Pass bags are no longer in the lineup, having been replaced by newer models but they are still out there if you search and they are representative of the smaller soft bags. This is a longterm review after a few years of ownership.

First, the things we would change. The protective pad on the back of the bags is great for protecting a finish, but the buckles on the crossover hook&bloop straps often fall right on paintwork, so we would add some kind of the same material on the back around the buckles. Speaking of that back pad, we would also add some thin heat shielding either outside or inside the bag.  You have to fiddle with universal straps, which are a pain when dirty and muddy. That's about it! These are all easily remedied, but there you go for niggles.

The plus column has many items. The picture is a current one of bags that are four years old and have about 12,000 miles. 60/40 road/off-road. The off-road includes trans-Labrador, a small section of the TAT, and several adv rallies. The on-road includes crossing the USA, MOA rallies, Death Valley, etc. They have been caked in mud, covered in dust, and washed by rainstorms. They have alternated between being stuffed to capacity (in fact, perhaps a bit beyond once or twice) and almost empty. They have served as a pillow for 3 different bikes that decided to take a "nap" in rocky or sandy areas ;-) The stitching and seams are all in tact, the handles and hook/loop are all still fully functional. Zippers work. Reflective piping reflects. In short, other than looking a little worn, they are in great shape.