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In a bizarre twist of fate, the purchase of the Sertao came along with a pair of Alpinestars Tech3 boots in almost my size, and an Arai XD3 in almost my size. Both items are barely used. I discovered that the XD3 had thicker cheek pads available which essentially make it my size. $35 and I now have a high quality helmet with excellent fit. It is in flat black, which is not what I would choose, but this is free ! After some cleanup and an initial ride, I can appreciate the Arai features similar to my older quantum. The vents work well and the comfort is very good. I did need to get a replacement plastic screw for the left side as it had broken. I am not sure why Arai has chosen to make these plastic when the screw insert is metal. Now the choice is what helmet to wear ! 


Following a 700 mile trip with this helmet to the GS Giants Rally, and the MOA rally, there is much more experience on and off road. Off-road, the eye port is wide and provides a good angle of view. The helmet is relatively light weight, and the liner is very comfortable for all day use. Airflow is adequate with all of the vents open, but could be better. It would probably improve on a true dirt bike with no windshield, but even the minimal windshield on the Sertao blocked much of what would get to the chin vent. Leaving the shield fully open was much better also, so it is probably best used with goggles and without the shield off-road. On road, the visor was surprisingly good at blocking the sun while not really impairing vision much at all. Lift was minimal  and buffeting was not bad unless behind a semi. Overall an impressive dual sport test.