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It is hard these days to find really poor motorcycle gear. Even the worst "cheap" gear is better than what we had back in the day by orders of magnitude. We do, however, have a spectrum of value choices. Products built to a specification or to a budget figure. For most, you get what you pay for, but for some, the quality and performance greatly exceed what you would expect for the price point. Such is the case with the Vega Stealth Cross Tour helmet.

i looked at this helmet at a rally, not knowing the price or the brand (it is not really branded as Vega).  Clearly aimed at the dual sport market, it's sports a removable visor a drop-down internal sunshade, and a dirtbike style chin guard. Besides the chin vent, it also has dual vents at the top of the helmet, and a series of exhaust vents to the rear. The removable liner is plush and felt comparable to premium helmets. Optics are clear and free of the typical distortion you might find at the budget tier. It is DOT and ECE rated.

Now what we cannot judge as of this point, is how well this holds up after some extensive use on the road and in the dirt. So far on the road, it is no more noisy than my modular, and much more comfortable than a comparably priced value helmet. The visor appears to be well enough designed not to induce tremendous amount of lift at highway speeds. The drop down visor mechanism is unusually placed at the bottom left side, and it does impact the placement of the clamp for the Sena unit, but that could be solved by using the adhesive amount as opposed to the clamp. Overall, an impressive start.