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Gear Towing and Tools

Plugging Away

Classic Velocity


It was in the midst of transporting the 912 that I discovered it. I walked out in the morning and started to back the trailer into position. It seemed a little stubborn, but nothing significant enough to cause alarm. Once in position, and disconnected from the truck, it was listing to one side. Sure enough, the rearmost tire was flat. A quick inspection did not reveal anything. Next step was to find a jack suitable for a loaded trailer.  A trip to the garage produced my trusty 20 year old bottle jack. I also reconnected the trailer to the truck for stability. Once the wheel was off, the offending nail was located right in the middle of the tread. In the tool bag was an unopened plug kit.  I was unable to discern the vintage without carbon dating, but it looked ok. It made me realize how long it had been since I last plugged a tire. Rasp, rasp, cement, cement, plug, plug, snip, snip. Done. Now to finish loading for Hershey....