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Cyber Viz

Classic Velocity

After being bombarded with Black Friday propaganda and Cyber Monday assaults, I was finally persuaded to pull the trigger on an item I sort of needed, but was not on the critical list. It was a high viz jacket. A Cyber Monday deal sealed it. I had been casually browsing for a while, but wanted a particular set of features. First, it needed to be a 3 or 4 season jacket. Check. It had to be textile. Check. Reputable brand and quality. Check. Low price. Check. Shoulder, elbow, and back armor. Check. The end result is a First Gear (no surprise there!) Jaunt. At $150 in my hands, this seems like a great bargain. I had tried on Olympia and Rev-It jackets a week earlier at more than twice the price, and while they had more features and vents, I don't think they were much better. Certainly not twice as good.