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Inexpensive but not Cheap

Classic Velocity

Every now and then, you come across an item that exceeds expectations and which causes you to wonder if you really get what you pay for. In this case, a helmet from the folks at Cycle Gear, which has a budget-minded house brand called Bilt. I wanted a dirt style helmet, and these were inexpensive at $70. I looked at the fit and finish, and it stacked up well against more premium brands on the shelf. I tried it on, and it fit well, and had decent padding. The one area that was readily apparent as a cost-saving measure was the quality of the padding. It was not nearly as smooth as a Shoei or Arai. 

I made the purchase, and wore it home. The optics were actually very good. It has a flip down sun visor, which worked well and noise was better than my aging Bell that this would replace. That was day one, and I have since put a few hundred miles on the helmet. I am still impressed. It is not as noisy as the aging Bell that it replaced, and the visor works well. The cheek pads dont seem as rough once they are worn in a little, It just goes to show that expectations have a lot to do with perceptions. If this helmet had a different logo and was twice the price, it would still be a good deal.