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Opel GT
manufacturing location given that Opel was operating at full tilt. The eventual solution was to contract with is a pretty good resume if the years are 1968 to 1973..It was a resume earned by the Opel GT. General their own Opel division in Europe could do the same. A couple of GM designers headed over to Europe, and Opel GT the result was a very Corvette-looking body on an Opel Kadett platform. It certainly looked the Opel
Opel Kapitan A
Your eyes do not deceive you....This is a popular German sedan from the 1960s. In 1964 Opel Opel Opel Kapitan A
Opel Ascona 400
Opel Ascona 400 into a contract with Cosworth to build the top end of the engines. It would be based on the 2 L Opel fresh on the heels of deals that had fallen through with Mercedes among others. Opel had also entered look in race trim. Few people were impressed by the styling and lines of the Opel Ascona B, but as to consider a full development effort. For 1982, Opel had secured the services of 1980 World Champion Opel importantly, it produced a staggering 200 ft lbs of torque ! The Opels had become renowned for their
Opel Manta A
Kadett. Opel quickly had designer Charles Jordan, fresh off designing the new Rekord, develop a much like a 2/3 size muscle car, you are more right than you think. Opel was infused at the time with US has been previously covered (see Opel Kadett), but in the late 1960s they had developed a new sporty 2+2 cabin. GM responded via its' German Opel subsidiary, with the Manta. The history of Opel successful in the US. It was the victim of a confusing marketing and distribution scheme for Opel Opel Opel Manta A
Opel Kadett B
was a wise decision as Opel rebounded with strength in the late 1940s and early 1950s based around the Although Adam Opel started by manufacturing sewing machines in the latter half of the 19th century story, Opel was Germany's largest producer of automobiles in 1914, and it continued to impress through remaining 20% in 1931. As a subsidiary of GM, Opel became the largest producer in Europe by 1937 and Kapitan model. In the late 1950s Opel was instructed by GM to create something to compete with the Opel Kadett B Opel
OPEL KADETT B - THE RETURN performance than the Beetle, and about 650,000 units were sold. In 1966, Opel opened its' new plant at Beetle. The answer was the 1962 Opel Kadett A. It was a one liter sedan with more room and better In the late 1950s Opel was instructed by GM to create something to compete with the dominant VW Bochum, and the replacement Opel Kadett B was introduced. It was not the most stylish looking vehicle Rallye and sported a 1.9 liter engine producing 90 hp. As the name implied, Opel took the Rallye Opel
Globe Trotting
. It is also one Of a few events of the year where Saab may outnumber BMWs, or where Opels may . Mercedes W109 models and Jaguar E-Type were particularly plentiful. The aforementioned Opel is another Opel reason that this show is a delight. While the Opel GT is most abundant, this is the place to see
Sweet Bitter
impressed with the Opel CD prototypes of 1960-71, and when Opel decided not to pursue production, he felt compelled to do something. He spoke with Opel owners GM, and convinced them to let him bring the project to fruition. Not only did they say yes, but Opel even helped develop the car for production he had no factory of his own. He used the chassis from the Opel Diplomat and shortened it. This was
German Immersion
Porsches (914 and 944), an Opel, and a nice Mercedes 190E 16V. I ended up talking with the owner for a , but there was a very nice TT on hand. There was a nice group of Opels dominated by GTs, but including
arrangement which was well regarded. In 1928, they were acquired by Opel, but operated independently. As
The Neander Meander
licensed by Opel, which used it with some success in racing. It also featured a unique articulating fork
Carlisle Import 2012
Quattros and more modern Audis. It was also in addition to Opel Mantas, GTs, and a nice Ascona. For exceptions for the German crowd are Opel, and Audi. This show brings out a stellar group of cars for several nice Opel Kadetts, an Audi 100, and a stunning DKW 1000. This was in addition to a group of
2013 Deutsche Classic
familiar face, and I have been to the event with almost every marque present (my one and only Opel and my
German Immersion 2
, Opel, Porsche, and Volkswagen. As usual, the cars all come with owners, and the owners all come with
BMW 2002 Touring
capacity. Most were hatchbacks like the Austin 1100, the Peugeot 204, and the Renault 16. Opel was also working on an Opel Manta variant. BMW was looking for ways to further capitalize on the 1600
The Many Faces of Borgward
, and Opel were doing so to great effect, driving down costs and increasing production. Then there was
Volkswagen Fastback
into the growing middle class who were buying BMW 1500/1800s and Opel Kadetts, In 1962, they followed
2nd Non-Annual Rallye Report
left his car in Georgia, so that does not really count. We also need to recruit some more Opel and
People Power
faithful were in attendance. Jeff had his marvelous Jaguar SSK on hand in the show and his Opel
Carlisle is for Crazies
the Audi and the Opel Marques. There are Porsches, BMWs, VWs, and Mercedes present, but this is not
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