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Motocron Help (formerly CVVL)

To Do Lists

Classic Velocity


Like other functions within Motocron, the To Do list allows you to translate your yellow pad, or your whiteboard, or the thoughts in your head, into an organized format that can never be lost or smudged with grease!

Q. How should I use the Motocron ToDo Event Type ?

A. Simple, create an event for every upcoming ToDo item and use the “ToDo” event type. For example create an event for an oil change 3 months from now. Instead of choosing “Fluids” as the natural event type, choose “ToDo”.

Next use the Todo List Report to look at all of the upcoming items on all of your vehicles. When the oil change actually happens, update the event with the details, and change the event type to “Fluids”. It now disappears from the Todo list report and takes its’ rightful place as a completed event. Of course, you can easily see how this would apply to an upcoming Concours, or a registration renewal. You can also see how overdue ToDo items would begin to appear if you did not attend to them.

If you think that is too much work, you can create a single ToDo item for each vehicle and use it to maintain a list of items. You lose the upcoming calendar and timeline benefits for the individual items. Less effort, less reward. You make the call.

Lastly, you can play around with different report formats such as Timeline or Kanban, to see the ToDo list in a few different ways. This is a powerful tool for those of us that have a forgetful (ie: normal) human brain.