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Motocron Help

Motocron Help (formerly CVVL)

Mobile App

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The Motocron app can be accessed using any browser on a mobile device. In addition, there is an app available for IOS and Android that will configure Motocron for a more pleasant experience on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices. Simply download the Zoho Customer Portal app from the relevant app store. At login, you will be prompted for the portal url.

Enter "".

You will then be prompted for your username (the email address that you used to signup), and your password. This should then take you to the Motocron Main Menu (Home).

One caveat when using the app is that some features may not be fully functional. This is often due to some combination of IOS or Android version, and the way your device handles the embedded browser functions. If in doubt, try accessing Motocron directly via a browser. You should have a good experience using Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Edge. The app is great for quick access to record an event, lookup information, or to show off your Stella vehicle management with friends. However, if you really want to slice and dice your data, a browser is probably a better experience.