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Motocron Help

Motocron Help (formerly CVVL)


Classic Velocity


You can record locations in two main areas. Both are optional, but they offer some benefits if used :

  1. You can record a location for a vehicle that you created. On the vehicle form, there is a field called location where you can put anything from an address to a simple designation. So you can enter "123 Elm St, Pittsburgh, PA 15106", or you can enter "Bat Cave" or you can enter "Bldg 3".
  2. Every event can have a location as well. This field is a true location field complete with a country. Although optional, using this field allows you to view reports in the map format, which provides an entertaining look at where things happened, or where you have been. Reports can be filtered, so you may choose to record location only for certain types of events like shows or rallies or races.