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Motocron Help

Motocron Help (formerly CVVL)


Classic Velocity


Welcome to Motocron (formerly CVVL) Help.

We have arranged topics so that you can easily search the blog, and have included a Tag Cloud as well. We will continue to add to this Help Blog over time, so that you can continue to come here as we add new features and functionality.

Motocron Help Search Page will allow you to find a specific topic or keyword.

General Info :

Motocron lets you define vehicles and designate them as active or inactive. You can use a more traditional definition of vehicle, or you could include your unicycle. The app does not really care. It then uses the concept of "Events" to record activity for your vehicles. An Event is really anything that constitutes activity. Renewing your registration is an event, washing the bike is an event, and an engine swap on your muscle car is an event. It is entirely up to you as to how detailed (or not) you want to be. More detailed info is present in other help posts, but if you are just starting out with Motocron, go to the setup post next.