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Hoarding for Gearheads

Classic Velocity


I am in possession of about a dozen brand new oil filters of various types and sizes. I know that many of them do not fit anything I currently own. I know that if I did own one of the vehicles again that they fit, I would probably not remember that I had one already. They serve no practical purpose other than to adorn a shelf in the garage. I cannot throw them out, as they are new and perfectly functional. I console myself with thoughts day, I am going to look them all up and put them on eBay. I am not trying to hoard them all, it is just the inertia.

I am in possession of about a dozen coils. Most of them are black Bosch coils with labels long gone. Some of them have a piece of masking tape on them with words like BAD, and SUSPECT. I don't really trust the conclusion I reached whenever it was that I pulled these coils, so I can't throw them out yet. Others have vehicle names on them that I no longer own. You never know, I might stumble across another 6V Ghia with a suspect coil anyday. Then I would look brilliant. And regular readers will know that it would not be unusual for a former vehicle to be owned again (Repeat Offenders, Recidivism


I am in possession of many dozen door mirrors. Many of them are broken or blemished in some way. A grub screw stripped, or a pivot mechanism shot so that the glass just flops around, seriously pitted chrome, etc. some of them were horrible "upgrades" by previous owners of vehicles I no longer own. Some of them fit vehicles that I currently own. Spares that I would never use because of their condition. I can't throw them out because they may be useful on a track car or a project, or as spare glass.

I am in possession of more than a dozen motorcycle windshields. None of them fit anything I currently own. In fact two of them fit vehicles that I have never owned! They are mostly in good shape, so I can't throw them out. You never know when a hot rod Cafe project will need a cut down windshield from a BMW K12RS. They are bulky and difficult to store without scratching. Eventually, in about 30 years, there will be more than a dozen very scratched motorcycle windshields. Perhaps then the kids or grand kids will discard them.

I am in possession of several sets of used spark plug wires. They were all removed from vehicles to eliminate them as potential contributors to some malady. Since I also replaced points, condensers, and coils (see above), they could all be perfectly fine. Or not. Best not to throw them out then.


I am in possession of 2  BMW /2 bench seats which are shedding fine horsehair,  a sheet metal replacement for the bottom front of a 356C, a multi-tool for a Norton, a pitted rear script from a Mercedes 230SL, a 1.7 914 motor, cracked turn signal lenses for a 69 Karmann Ghia, several not-so-good sets of /5 mufflers, rear door panels for a BMW 3.0CS, a dented CB750 tank, a tail section for an R100RS, a spare wheel for a Puma GTC, a broken speedometer for a 1966 VW Bus, multiple sets of airhead luggage, a deformed spoiler from a Mercedes 2.3 16V, a 914 rear decklid, etc, etc, etc.

This could go on for pages and pages. Items are in the garage, the basement, the attic, other undisclosed locations. I firmly believe that we gearheads are very different from the hoarders seen on reality TV shows. We are more like inventory builders. Then again, perhaps we just have different areas of specialization, or perhaps we are even sicker because we actually attempt to justify what we hoard....

The Accidental Purchase

Classic Velocity


I didn't mean to do it. Honest. Purchasing another vehicle was not in the plans. What's that, you don't believe me? Well I understand. If you are a regular reader, then you know that an unplanned purchase is not exactly a strange and foreign occurrence. However, in my defense, the vehicle purchased was one that was on the watch list. The opportunity presented itself, and a vehicle long desired, or perhaps desired again, came home. The main facilitator was usually a great financial deal. Who can resist a deal on something you are looking for?

I have read about completely unexpected vehicles in magazines and even from fellow gearheads, but they sounded strange to me. "I was looking for a Maserati, but I ended up with a Citreon DS" or "I really wanted an MGB, but I ended up with a Miata". In each case, there is a common thread between what was sought and what was ultimately purchased, but it can be a very twisty and tenuous thread. A thread which puzzles your gearhead friends, and may even sound kind of defensive. "Well it has the same headliner material, so it's practically the same."


So there I was, not looking for anything, when a conversation at work uncovered something sitting in someone's garage for a long time. Someone should save it for the small amount of money it would take. It was a sports car of some kind, and had an engine in the back. Volkswagen maybe. The ears perked up, like the proverbial antelope at the watering hole. "Did someone just say Volkswagen?" Five days later, I pushed a car off the trailer and into the garage. A car I was not looking for, and had only come across a couple times before in decades of roaming around shows and swap meets. A car not from Germany. A convertible. A car that was not running. Wrong in so many ways (at least for me). A car not from the 1950s or 1960s, or early 1970s. A Puma.

In many ways it is ludicrous to try to justify an old, non-running vehicle that is not going to be your daily driver, but I find myself (defensively) saying, "Well, it has a Volkswagen chassis and motor, so it is actually German."