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A Plethora of Porsches

Classic Velocity


The annual assemblage of Porsches old and new at Hershey in April is now an international event. You are likely to hear several different languages as you walk around, but there is one that all of the attendees share; Porsche. We have covered it here before (see Hounds of the Basketweave or Hooked on Hershey), but it is always worthy of coverage. It is a giant car show. It is probably one of the world's largest Porsche only parking lots. It is a swap meet with rows of parts, paraphernalia, and patina. It had a tractor in the Concours event. People come seeking that elusive final accesory to complete the project, while others are seeking sheetmetal to begin one. As a Porsche fan or fanatic, on a glorious spring day, you would be hard pressed to be in a better place. See the full photo album