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Classic Velocity Blog

Limerock 2011 The Race Cars

Classic Velocity

The Vintage Festival at Limerock is built around the competitive cars. It begins and ends with a celebration of the racecar, which is fitting because after all racecar spelled backward is racecar. The racecar brings out the best in the subject of history. It celebrates epic tales of daring and bravado. Of triumphs and failures. Of technology and innovation. Of man and machine. Of larger than life characters. Of going fast. Some portion of that story shows up each year at places like Elkhart Lake, and Monterey, and Watkins Glen, and Limerock. Then there are more modern stories of people turning the most unlikely vehicles into racecars, and of people eternally in pursuit of going fast in an old car. You could try to describe the cars and what they mean, but in this case, I think the pictures alone tell the story.


ps: If your device does not display the slideshow, click this link to browse through the album.