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Classic Velocity Blog

MOA Rally Johnson City, TN

Classic Velocity

A great trip to the MOA rally including a ride along skyline drive and a few other great loops through apalachia. A small but potent crew from the MacPac invaded the Jameson Hotel among other rally sites. The rally began with a mad dash. Leaving home at 4am and slabbing in down to Johnson City in time to make the GS Challenge that afternoon. A long day in the saddle !! After returning from dinner, the Mac Pac crew circled around the campfire. Well, actually the camp was a motel parking lot. And actually the only fire was used to light cigars. However, Jack had rum like a true pirate should and and the bull flew....


Managed to get soaked in the downpour due to bad timing one morning, but the rally generally had good weather on the days I was there. Amost purchased a Sargeant seat for the GS, but missed the last one by minutes. I did get a replacement headlight bulb since mine burned out on the way down.


On the way back we did one of the rally loops which was a great mix of mountain roads and tight twisties criss-crossing appalachia. Then a bit of the BRP and Skyline Dr before heading home. This trip proved once again that the GS is an incredibly versatile machine. It slabbed 2-up all the way to the rally, I then took the luggage off and did the GS challenge in the dirt, then drove around town and the rally site, then did some twisties and a scenic route, and then slabbed the short distance home with long stretches at 90MPH+ 2-up. Name another bike that could come close.....