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Classic Velocity Blog

The Off-Season is On

Classic Velocity

Well, the off-season for the WRC, MotoGP, and F1 continue to be colorful. First, the WRC will have Kimi Raikonnen among its drivers for 2010. He has a one year deal with the Citroen Junior Team. Kimi did show some promise in a brief stint earlier this year at the Arctic Rally in a Fiat Abarth. The other champion from another area dipping his toe in the WRC waters was Valentino Rossi, who has wisely decided to stay on 2 wheels. Speaking of MotoGP, they will return to 1,000cc in 2012 ending the 800cc era (applause please).

On the F1 front, Mercedes has reached a deal with Schumacher to join Rosberg for an all-german team as was rumored by many and predicted in my earlier F1 Shuffle post. Better change that hat..Schumi has been showing signs of his old form in carts and could be an instant contender if the car suits him. F1 is also aiming to have a revised points system which will make finishing on the podium a significant advantage compared to other positions. If they have their way, there will be greater incentive to get on the podium, and virtually no chance of winning by coming say 5th all season. Lastly, yet another manufacturer leaves F1 with Renault deciding to sell its team, but remain a minority stakeholder at 25%.