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Finally, the parts and training I need, close to home

Classic Velocity


Porsche NA has opened up a new parts and training facility for the northeast just up the road in eastern PA. They tout it as the ideal location, and I agree. Here are some of my expectations.Porsche 911S Oil Cooler

  1. With this kind of proximity, I should be able to find the odd GT2 wing or ceramic brake rotor that has fallen off one of the delivery trucks, and use it to fund the ground up restoration of the Targa.
  2. I should be able to stop by after work some evenings and sit in on the training sessions happening at the facility. These are high performance driving training sessions, yes ?
  3. I should be able to pick up my vintage parts at such a discount, that the Hershey swap meet will no longer have any appeal.
  4. I could borrow tools and perhaps use an empty bay on the weekends.
  5. They could use the 914 as a test mule for the upcoming triple clutch gearbox. I don't want this to be take, take, take, with no give.

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