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F1 Finale

Classic Velocity

The F1 season drew to a close with Jensen Button winning the driver's championship and Brawn winning the constructor's championship. IMHOThis has been the best possible boost to getting new teams into the sport. Brawn steps in with the remnants of the Honda team and an engine deal at the last minute with McLaren. They had no sponsors, and were not even sure they would be on the grid for the first

Then they rip off a string of wins and hold their own later in the season to emerge victorious with a GP in hand. In true driver's spirit though, Button battles to take third at the checkered flag in the last race and gets it sideways a few times in the last laps. Brilliant. They proved conclusively that those sponsor decals slow the cars down.

With drivers shuffling teams, a few new ones entering including USF1, a podium by Force India, no refueling, no KERS, Fernando at Ferrari, and McLaren being arguably the best team of the second half of the season, it should be another interesting year in 2010....