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2010 R1200GS Adventure

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Fine Fare

Classic Velocity

Perhaps it is inevitable that the long-distance traveller in North America becomes an expert on roadside cuisine. Giant fast food chains have not yet killed off the tremendous variety of local mom-and-pop restaurants just off the highway. The diner in particular is a true piece of Americana. It suggests breakfast served all day, it suggests reasonable prices, it suggests friendly staff, it suggests a local specialty, it suggests downscale ambience. But beyond all of that, it suggests knowledge of the local roads, and knowledge of the local must-see venues. If it is time for a food stop, and you see a sign that includes the word Diner, try it out. On this occasion, the Pink Cadillac Diner is a sort of string of rooms which were obviously added one at a time to a main area. The memorabilia is as the name implies, 50s pop culture. Beats Starbucks !



Falling Fast

Classic Velocity

Fall in the northeast is a time when the weather cools and the colors of nature become vibrant. The hills beckon and on this day I was compelled to answer. There was no particular destination as the route was roughly circular. A couple of roads that I was familiar with, and then turns down roads that looked like they headed into the rich palette of colors adorning the hills. Every road was a good one, if only for a few miles. I continued until darkness and stopped while wanting more....


The Undiscovered Trail

Classic Velocity

There is no better way to unwind from a work day, than to go romping through a forest on dirt and gravel roads. Particularly if (a) you can do so without travelling very far, (b) they are trails that are new to you, and (c) you do not pass another human or vehicle for a few hours. OK, the  last part was pure luck, but it was icing on the partially frosted cake. Turning the ABS off and sliding around a little on the GSA is like some kind of forbidden fruit. It is not supposed to be able to do that as well as it does, and you feel kind of naughty for doing it.

The real pleasure though is travelling through lush green summer forest, over small creeks and along the ridge of a small mountain range. This was a first partial exploration, but if the rest is this good, I am in for a lot of fun !!

Finding Fort

Classic Velocity

You might be inclined to think that that GSA has been languishing around the garage lately feeling unloved. You would be wrong. It has served some long distance commuting duties, a business trip to Massachusetts, and some romps into the countryside. It is this chronicle that is lagging behind. On a recent evening, the excuse to ride was to find a fort that had been mentioned to me by another rider. The name is Fort Roberdeau, and it was built to protect lead mines and smelting operations toward the end of the war for Independence. Today, it is a historic site with tours, events, and re-enactments.

The fort is a bit off the beaten path, and nice roads surround it. I arrived after closing time, so it just served as an excuse to explore. The GSA provided a nice contrast of new vs old as it stood in front of the gates of a structure built around 1778.

Spry and Springly

Classic Velocity

You just cannot adequately describe the first rides of spring using any language. You have to experience winter and inability to ride. Then you need a day where the birds are suddenly chirping, flowers are blooming, and the temperature climbs to the point where you don't need the heavy winter jacket. Then you need a bike that can comfortably take you on a journey to enjoy such a day when it involves both on and offroad stints. This combination allows you to rediscover motorcycling as if anew every year. This will sound strange, but those people fortunate enough to have climates which allow them to ride all year round, are actually missing something here.....


Classic Velocity

Fall is my favorite season. Even though it signals the end of warm weather and the approaching end of the riding season, it is still tops. The weather is ironically one of the reasons. You get days when a light jacket is all you need, where the sky is that deeper shade of blue, and where the brisk air feels perfect. These are the days when you want to ride forever. The days when an air/oil-cooled boxer expresses its' delight in song. The days when you hate to stop even for food or a bio break. They are, the best riding days of the year.

Canada Road Trip Begins

Classic Velocity

A planned trip up to Labrador and Le Gaspe in Canada finally gets underway. It is shorter than originally planned, but it will be good to have a few days on the road with the GS. I will try to post at least daily along the way. Stay tuned...