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2010 R1200GS Adventure

Ergo Assist

Classic Velocity

Suddenly, and without warning, my wrists began to ache after long hours in the saddle. Actually, they began to ache after a decreasing number of hours. After a period of denial, this resulted in adjustment of the stock bars (twisting really) to adjust the angle more than the distance. This did not make much difference, and I began to search the forums. Despite many interesting alternatives, the most positive reports were from installation of the Rox Risers. I ordered a set. These are very simple but clever billet aluminum devices that allow for the adjustment of height, distance, and angle. The first trick to installation is making sure that they are even and level. If not, you have handlebars that are not straight. I used an angle level to get them right. The second trick is to reroute the throttle cable so that it is not stretched too tight. It will seem fine straight, but not at full lock. The solution involves disconnecting the cable at the handlebar and then reconnecting it underneath. Once complete, I had two more inches of height/reach adjustment, and the same amount of angle adjustment as before. Changing the reach/height also impacts seating position more than you might think. While I am still experimenting with the ideal position, this was a simple and easy change to comfort.