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2010 R1200GS Adventure

Traction Trials

Classic Velocity

Fellow BMW GS rider Todd offered to show me some new roads, and I was glad for the chance. The day began kind of chilly with temps in the mid to upper 30s. By late morning it hit 40° and we headed out. The cool temperatures turned cold as we climbed to higher elevations, and there was snow still on the ground. Once on the descent, the temperatures climbed 8 degrees in as many miles. A couple of the corners were still sprinkled with the fine gravel used to combat snow and ice. Gingerly....

Rolling through farmland with the sun out and miles of sparsely populated roads was just the prescription. We thought about some offroad, but decided that the trails would not be in very good shape at this point. The next day, I returned to tackle a few trails in another area and discovered why it was still a bad idea. Wet and muddy sections from snow melt made the going dicey at times. Even worse, icy patches required walking the bike around a few sections, and the R12GS is not a fun bike to walk around offroad. This was no fun after a while, and I was glad to get back to pavement. Lesson learned.