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2010 R1200GS Adventure


Classic Velocity

When I first saw a BMW GS, it was in the Paris Dakar race. It was equipped with some massive fog lights on the front of the bike. I was sure that the bike could light up half of North Africa, and it looked mean and purposeful. I have since seen guys pull up to rallies with bikes similarly equipped with massive CIbie or Hella foglamps on the front that would be the envy of a world rally car. That makes it really unfortunate that today's lighting puts out 10 times the light of those gigantic orbs, with about 1/10 the size for the unit. You don't get the same look of those. Rally bikes, but you cannot argue with the light output and the effectiveness of the new technology. I decided that the new R12GS should have the new technology, and that at some point I would look at some old-school lights for the R100 GS. The new lights are Denali LED lights from Twisted Throttle. They have both driving and fog lenses, but I opted for the driving lenses. I mounted them right above the stock fog lights. This puts them out of harm's way, and very visible.