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2010 R1200GS Adventure

Fine Fare

Classic Velocity

Perhaps it is inevitable that the long-distance traveller in North America becomes an expert on roadside cuisine. Giant fast food chains have not yet killed off the tremendous variety of local mom-and-pop restaurants just off the highway. The diner in particular is a true piece of Americana. It suggests breakfast served all day, it suggests reasonable prices, it suggests friendly staff, it suggests a local specialty, it suggests downscale ambience. But beyond all of that, it suggests knowledge of the local roads, and knowledge of the local must-see venues. If it is time for a food stop, and you see a sign that includes the word Diner, try it out. On this occasion, the Pink Cadillac Diner is a sort of string of rooms which were obviously added one at a time to a main area. The memorabilia is as the name implies, 50s pop culture. Beats Starbucks !