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2010 R1200GS Adventure

Warning, Low Fuel

Classic Velocity

It has always been interesting to read about the problems experienced by owners of any brand, but BMW owners seem particularly exercised about faults with their machines. Perhaps it has to do with paying a premium price for a premium brand, and expecting a level of quality. Prior to this year, I had few of the faults oftem mentioned. I did have surging with my RT, but that was about it. Now, withing 8 months, I have 2 more of the biggies floating around the forums. I had a u-joint/driveshaft failure on the R100GS, and now I have the often reported Fuel Strip problem on the GSA. 

Since most of my bikes are old, there are three ways to tell if you are low on gas. One is to open the cap and look into the tank, perhaps with a little movement side-to-side to slosh things around and listen. The second method is the odometer/trip meter. The third method is to wait until the engine begins to falter, and then turn the petcock to reserve. All are easy and foolproof. The GSA only has the trip meter. You can try looking in the tank, but it is a small hole. You don't want to rock a bike that is 600+lbs too much. Besides, it has a fuel guage and a low fuel warning light.

Well, mine has malfunctioned just like many have reported. It alternates between showing full, initiating a rapid countdown of the remaining range, and showing empty with the yellow warning triangle and "Low Fuel" flashing. In the picture above I put in 8.4 gallons right after this, so it obviously was not full !! Fortunately, you can still get to the trip meter if needed, but it is bloody annoying. With some more reading, it seems that some are on their third fuel strip, and this threatens to be a problem that goes beyond the warranty period. Hopefully BMW will correct this with a redesign/recall rather than just replacing them when they fail. Meanwhile, I am awaiting an appointment slot at the dealer to have this remedied....