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2010 R1200GS Adventure


Classic Velocity

In case you think the GSA has been languishing in the garage since the last post, nothing could be farther from the truth. Like an alien shape-shifter, the GSA will quickly and convincingly transform into one of several forms, in a way that leads you to believe that it is its' true natural self. The bike had its !0km service, and has been transformed into seeing extended duty as a commuter vehicle. I recently posted a bit on this in the main blog (see 2 wheels 2 work). The GS with just the top box is a solid daily rider that cuts an imposing presence in traffic. The tires and suspension are a good match for the many sections of road under construction, and for the sections that should be due to their poor condition. The windshield is good protection, although I still can't understand why it is designed not to go to the last position ! The heated grips don't hurt either as mornings were chilly in the spring and remain so even in the first few days of June. The only other gripe that I have is that it only gets mileage in the low 40s. That is only about 5-6mpg better than my Honda Civic. I'm surre that would improve if I controlled my right hand a bit, but you know how likely that is...

But not to worry, there is an upcoming road trip, and the GSA will get to stretch its legs mile munching and gravel crunching.....