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2010 R1200GS Adventure

A Case for Tires

Classic Velocity

The GSA has been much busier than the entries in this blog would have you believe. After the repair of the fuel strip issue by the dealer, it was back to full service commuting and taking a couple of business trips in the region. One of the items that needed attention was the mounting of the pelican case on the bike. As you will recall from a post regarding the R100 GS Paris Dakar, I wanted to be able to mount this case to both that bike and the GSA, and had previously done so using the mounting plate that came with the Saddlemen Top case.

I had recently changed the Pelican mounting on the Paris Dakar so that it would mount behind the passenger seat. This introduced yet more holes in the case, but they align with mounting points on the GSA. If I had a new case, it would only have a single set of holes to allow mounting on both bikes. As it stands, I plan to cover the holes with a sheet of aluminum.

Meanwhile, I had the possibility of a trip to the Barber museum. Rather than wear out the Heidenau's that I had recently mounted (given a 1600 mile slab trip), I spooned on some inexpensive Shinko Trail Masters. The theory was that even if they were rubbish, I would avoid wasting the Heidenau's. Well, the Barber trip got cancelled, and I have been putting some regional miles on the Shinkos. They take some getting used to when leaned over, but they may be good for commuting this winter. Stay tuned...