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2010 R1200GS Adventure

Farkle Power

Classic Velocity

With a couple of powerlet locations now present, you would think that there was enough power available for the farkles on the bike. However, they were not all located in the right positions. My new heated vest draws more amps than the factory powerlet will allow, so I needed to add another pigtail from the battery down the left side of the bike for the Gerbing stuff.

The other power-related need was for a switched source up front where the phone and GPS are located. I got the factory connector and harness designed for the factory GPS and then used it to wire a three outlet "cigarette lighter" unit. This allows me to connect the GPS and phone to a switched source with their native automotive adapters. These sources are well below the 5 amp limit. I do have a powerlet to cigarette lighter adapter, but no switched powerlet source up front. The factory connector stays hot for one minute after the key is off (I struggle to understand this duration since it is too short for a gas stop or a quick bathroom break).

Now on my former GS, I installed a Centech AP1 panel, and I thought that I could do without one this time. It took up some space, but cleaned up the wiring going to the battery. However, it is beginning to look like I need one again.