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2010 R1200GS Adventure

The Powerlet Perplexity

Classic Velocity

After a superb 600 miles of break-in riding, the bike went in for first service rather quickly. Since it was going to be with the dealer for a few days due to logistics, I asked how much it would be to install the powerlet kit that I had for several months and was going to install on the now departed bike (you see, procrastination has its benefits). After some searching, the dealer indicated that it would be 2.5 hours of labor !! With tax, over $200 which is simply ridiculous. Once I got the bike back, I began the installation myself. The hardest part of the whole affair, is drilling a pilot hole in the fairing. Although there is already a cutout provided, there is no easy way to get a drill up there and in the center of the cutout. The forks and other bits limit your workspace. This explains the labor. I am sure that BMW says you should dismantle the front of the bike and take the panel off. However, with my stubby drill, and some contortionist moves, I finally got the hole drilled. I used painter's tape to protect the fairing, and then used the step drill from above using the pilot hole. No worries. From there, it is a matter of routing the wires from the battery under the bodywork, and buttoning things up. I was done in an hour. While there, I added a battery tender pigtail for good measure. Maybe I should go work for the dealership !