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2010 R1200GS Adventure

The New Deal

Classic Velocity

To begin with, I was stuck in the dealership for a pair of tires for the GS after the trip to the MOA Rally. While trapped, I got into a conversation with the sales guy about the new motor in the 2010 bikes. We talked for a while and he gave me a bunch of magazine articles and the brochure. I had already read a couple of the articles, so I was browsing through the others when he returned. "I'll give you a great trade on your GS if you want the Adventure sitting over there" I said, "Yeah, like how much?" A few minutes later he returns and shows me a number a lot lower than I expected (isn't that always the case?). "This is the great trade?" I asked. "There will be incentives on the 2010s in a couple of months, so try back then" he said. I left, but was now interested in a comparison. The next week I called a different dealer in the region and asked about an Adventure. They said that they could get one, and asked for the vin# and pictures of my trade. I sent them along, and they offered me a good deal more and still discounted the Adventure a little. Done. A week later they received the bike, I showed up in person for the first time, they made sure the trade matched the pictures, and I left in 20 minutes on the Adventure. This is how business should be done.

It is possible that there will be a better deal in a few months, but there don't seem to be a lot of Adventures left on the floor. I miss the regular GS for sentimental reasons, but the new flame was fantastic even on the ride home.