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2010 R1200GS Adventure

Top Box Time

Classic Velocity

Well, It did not take long. A black friday sale, and the GSA has a top box. Like the GS before it, the GSA gets a top box that is inexpensive, yet expansive. For some reason, even though I won't skimp on side cases (Happy Trails, and now the stock Touratechs), I have a hard time with $500+ for a top box that does not hold a couple of full face helmets. Plus, now that I am commuting a bit more with the bike, a top box can carry everything that I need in weatherproof fashion. The MotoFizz tailbag has been very impressive, but the recent trip to Virginia proved that you need to get the raincover on even if it is not pouring buckets. In the winter in the northeast, precipitation is a given.

In any case, the top box is a Saddlemen HC2900. It has a large red reflector and looks very much like the Givi unit. I am sure that is no accident. It is fairly well constructed and has 48 liters of capacity. It is even bigger than the one I had on the GS. The ABS plastic is not as thick as the Givi, and I am under no illusions that this thing would survive a crash, but it feels sturdy enough for the intended purpose. 

Mounting was very straightforward. Put the base plate on top of the GSA rack, attach with the universal brackets, and voila. I did need to put the base plate right up against the passenger seat to minimize overhang, but it does not interfere with the removal or installation of the seat. The box stays on the base plate by way of a wide cleat, and a bolt which can be operated by hand. It is pretty secure, yet easy to remove. I could have waited, or looked for one with an operating light rather than a reflector, but this was a steal. Hopefully, it will serve me as well as the last one did.