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2010 R1200GS Adventure

The Commuter Bike

Classic Velocity

It is probably not the primary reason that people buy a GS, but it makes a pretty good commuter bike. This fall I have used the GS a good deal to commute to work and it has acquitted itself pretty well in that regard. It has an imposing road presence, particularly with luggage on, so it is easily seen. It has great power and torque, so speed is not a problem and you can power your way out of situations. It is agile when underway, so manoeuverability is good. It is obviously a great all weather bike, and it has more luggage capacity than you need. So what are the drawbacks ? The horn is inadequate fo this bike IMHO. It needs something befitting its presence. Second, it gets about 41 MPG if you ride at 75 - 80 MPH on my almost entirely highway commute. That is not bad, but it is only slightly better than our compact car. However, these are niggles given that this is just one of the many facets of this bike.

I also used it for a 600 mile roundtrip business trip, and it was similarly competent. A nice benefit was that the hotel allowed motorcycles to park for free in its' garage. This contrasts with the several tolls I paid which were equal to cars. We need some advocacy on issues like this, as it seems ridiculous for me to pay the same as an Escalade ! Anyway, back to the bike. The luggage was more than adequate, but I took the opportunity to try the Motofizz bag in expanded form. Even though this is the small version, it swallowed a laptop, some files, a clear shield for the helmet, and much more. It was also rock solid at 90MPH plus. This is a very impressive piece of kit, but I had to pull over to put the rain cover on during a brief sprinkle. At some point, a top box may be again in my future.