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2010 R1200GS Adventure

A Handy Farkle

Classic Velocity

The GSA has done some commuting trips and a wrist injury made the highway slog miserable. I tried the crampbuster that had served me so well going to the MOA national, but since the problem was in my wrist it was no help.  I began looking around at the cruise control solutions and they seemed very spendy for what was essentially a re-engineered bar end weight. The contenders were the Kaoko and the Throttlemeister. Then a 20% off sale popped up at the local dealer, and I went down to see the units in person.

Both solutions basically work the same way; they provide friction against the throttle grip such that it stays put and does not spring back. That said, they do take different approaches. The Throttlemeister is a beautifully machined matching set of bar ends with the mechanism built in to the right end. The engineering looks and feels first class. The price is first class too. The Kaoko unit simply replaces your right bar end with a modified one which includes a knurled knob. It also seems well engineered, and in black it looks a little less like jewelry. It is also a good deal less money than the competition on this day. Since the Throttlemeister was silver versus the black Kaoko which matched my current ends, and I was already balking at the prices, I opted for the Kaoko.

It installed in all of 5 minutes, and on the test ride it worked well. You could set the speed and lock the knurled wheel easily with one hand  since it tightened as you twisted the throttle. The release was pretty easy too using one finger. There is an inset grub screw used to set the tension on the wheel, but I left it pretty loose and had no issues on the 20 miles of highway on the test ride.The trip to Oregon would have been so much better with this device. I also picked up a powerlet 90 degree extension so that whatever I have plugged in does not interfere with the handlebar movement on tight turns. 2 problems solved.