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2007 BMW R1200RT

Road Debris

Classic Velocity


This was a reminder of how exposed you are as a motorcyclist. I was following a very safe distance behind a pickup truck on the interstate. The truck ran over an errant piece of retread tire or similar debris which hit my front fender and broke the fender base where it attaches at the fork leg. This causes the fender to flap in the breeze and generally risk interfering with the wheel or the brakes. Not good. Fortunately it felt much more significant than it actually was, and I was able to safely get onto a wide shoulder. After a brief roadside think, the solution was to finish breaking off the fender so it was at least safe. That plastic does not feel very strong, but try ripping it off and you will conclude otherwise. 


Safely back home, the full potential sank in. It could have been much more serious. Ebay to the rescue, and a week later a new to me fender base was installed and the painted fender beak was reinstalled.


like it never even happened!

Trip Within A Trip

Classic Velocity

A trip south  to visit family provided an opportunity to roam around a state not know for its riding. Florida has mostly straight and flat roads, but that does not always mean boring. Central Florida in particular has some terrain and some interesting places to visit. Backroads are mostly empty, and free of animals running across the road. Temperatures were nice for this ride in late spring. 



Twilight Errands

Classic Velocity

The first reason was that I really needed to grab something before the hardware store closed. The second reason was that the lights would be tested on the ride back. And so they were. They throw a cooler light temperature down the road further than the low beams. Nice enhancement to light, and nice enhancement to visibility. They do need a bit of aiming to get finally lightness up, but a good addition to the bike. 


Cyber Finds

Classic Velocity


 Normally, I am not at all a fan of Black Friday and cyber Monday. However, this year a couple of things came to my email inbox that we were of interest.  The first was a pair of driving light mounting brackets for the RT on close out. That caused me to go look for some LED lights to go with them. And I found them at another close out sale. Now these are not high quality lights, but the headlight on the RT is very good. My main goal was to establish a triangular light pattern for visibility, and to throw a bit more light down the road at night without resorting to high beams. 

With the lights mounted, the challenge quickly became the mounting of the switch and the wiring. I tapped into the passenger seat heating for a switched circuit, and mounted the switch in the dash at the detent spot. Job done. 



Swap Meet Finds

Classic Velocity

The local BMW dealership hosted a swap meet for the first time, and a small group of individuals showed up in an attempt to clean out garages. There was a real eclectic mix of items, but among them were a few items from a guy who sold his RT and had some surplus. I picked up a Wunderlich foot stand enlarger, a set of knee pads, and an official BMW tankbag for the RT. The first two went on pretty quickly, while the tankbag will wait for a trip when extra capacity is needed.


A Puzzle Solved

Classic Velocity


Some time ago, I tried to harmonize luggage across a few different machines. In particular, I wanted to use the same tank bag so that I would not be in danger of forgetting to transfer the mini flashlight or the USB adapter or the crampbuster, to the machine I was riding. I used the SW-Motech tanklock system and that took care of 2 machines. However, on the RT, there was no EVO tank ring offered. Why? They clearly had a ring for the hole pattern as it was the same as other years. After thinking about this on and off for a year, I saw a tank ring on sale and ordered it from Revzilla. 


Once installed, I could see the issue. Unlike the prior generation tanklock, the EVO has a much larger rectangular base on the bag. This interferes with the stock tankbag rack. In addition, the shape of the EVO tank ring interferes with the gas cap when opening. Being motivated to resolve this, there were two parts to the solution. First, the supplied standoffs were too short. A trip to the hardware store yielded 0.5 inch standoffs that elevated the ring so that the bag would seat properly. Second, the dremel tool came out, and shaved the inside of the EVO ring so that the gas flap would open and close. All told, $4 and 15 minutes of work solved the problem.

Head Helmets

Classic Velocity

The RT was and is a popular machine, and Amazon turned up some cylinder head protectors from the Far East. They took a while to arrive, but surprisingly, they came with good hardware, and fit well. All this for less than $40


The Long Breakfast

Classic Velocity

The idea of going for breakfast some distance away went awry on this trip as the distance and time were miscalculated by the GPS. Actually, the start point was a waypoint from a prior trip, so the human was really at fault. In any case, the stopping point was in Ridgway, PA. Great roads, but a bit of fog along the way. The RT was flawless as usual with heated grips on low starting out, the windshield easing the highway stint, and great handling in the sweepers...


The Long Errand

Classic Velocity

We needed some yeast for baking, along with a few other more bulky items. Available within a few miles of the garage. However, on this perfect cool summer morning, the best way to get there was via a 112 mile loop up over the mountain and back through some twisties. Along the way we spotted this K bike apparently running errands as well. This is how we should start everyday....


Rowland, NC

Classic Velocity


A pit stop in Rowland, NC which is the exit for the historic tourist trap South of the Border. It is kind of run down at this point, but it was a must stop a few decades ago if kids were in your car. Billboards for miles full of cheesy puns ensured that you stopped and paid for overpriced ice cream or a keychain, or gas. Today it was just a gas stop.....