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2003 BMW R1100S

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Got Speed ?

Classic Velocity

Fall is my favorite season, and is good for many things. The heat of summer begins to subside, and as much as I like the heat, this summer was miserable for riding on many days. The obvious if you live in the northern half of the US is the splendor of the foliage change. This change, however is fleeting and gives way first to a beautiful palette of earth tones, and then to those earth tones falling Millions of leaves on the ground. While for most this means weekends of endless raking, I believe there is a good reason to celebrate this part of fall. Speed. I would submit that the sensation of speed is greatest when experienced relative to some other object or objects. Flying along the road as you part the layer of leaves and expel them into a vortex behind you is one of those childlike pleasures not experienced since you were a kid on a bike, or since last fall ;-) 

The last few days had been windy, and had dispatched a torrent of leaves to the ground. When I turned the BCR off the B road and onto one of my favorite stretches of country road, there was a canopy of leaves undisturbed at this early hour of the morning. I twisted the throttle and the leaves parted. In my mirror I could see a swirling corkscrew of leaves obscuring all else. This happened over and over for 3 glorious miles. I was laughing out loud in my helmet, and I was six years old. Next fall I am going to find a video setup that can capture this......

Bookends Part I

Classic Velocity

It was time for the Delaware Valley Norton Riders gathering. This annual event has grown steadily and features several hundred mostly vintage bikes from all brands. However, Nortons and Brit bikes in general usually have the strongest showing. For more on the event, read the post in Velocity Central. Last year, I rode the R75, but this year the BCR was the tool of choice. The morning was sunny and the roads were dry and mostly empty. It would have been perfect were it not for the cold temperatures. Even so, the BCR enjoyed the scenic route to the event, and the triple digit sections were just the thing to clear the cobwebs before coffee. At the event, I was surprisingly one of 3 BCRs on hand. A great event and an equally great ride back with more triple digit activity. Its not my fault, the bike just likes it up there !! A perfect compliment to Bookends Part II later the same day.

A Spring Blast

Classic Velocity

There is nothing like a beautiful spring day to make you want to shake off the cobwebs and carve some corners. The BCR started instantly, and I was off for a romp on some back country roads. This bike is surprisingly powerful even after riding the newer GS. Clear roads, cool air, plenty of bike for me, and just the thing to clear your head. It doesn't get any better than this....