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2001 Honda RC51

Rocket Fuel

Classic Velocity

If you have ever put race fuel into a vehicle that you have driven regularly, you know that something magic happens. You thought it was performing well before, but suddenly, you gained several more horsepower. There is a race gas dispensing station about 20 minutes away from me, so it is not as convenient as I would like. I generally trundle over there with 3 5 gallon cans and load up. They also have leaded gas, so I often get 2 containers of that. The race fuel does wonders for the RC51. It is a double espresso for an already sprightly machine. I consumed some of this liquid on one of my favorite loops through the country. I call it the TT, as it passes stone walls, ditches, sheep, and very small towns. It was impossible not to exceed 100 many times. This beast needs a track day, and I am looking at how to do that in the near future...