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2001 Honda RC51

Patience Pays

Classic Velocity

I am not an implulse buyer, but I have what I describe as a healthy level of impatience. The only real flaw on the RC51 was a dent in the tank from a garage incident. There are no scrapes or scratches anywhere, so it supports the story of the orig owner. It turns out that since many of these bikes were tracked or otherwise hooliganized, a stock near perfect tank is a very rare thing. Several searches turned up nothing but race replicas and painted tanks. I stopped searching for a while.

I finally found one after many months, and paid the monopolistic price. Removing the existing tank while half full of gas was no fun. It took a day for the gas smell to exit the garage. There is not a lot of room to disconnect things under the tank before you remove it. 

Finally, the tank was free and could be fully emptied. Now to remove the pump and the gas cap and collar. The pump has a tear in the rubber shield covering the filter, so I will source one from Honda before putting things back together. Hopefully the pricing is reasonable for these small parts...