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2001 Honda RC51

A Few Enhancements

Classic Velocity

Although in very good shape, the bike did have a few spots that needed attention. One of those was the tail fairing cover which was missing. The passenger seat was mounted instead. I had no plans to have a passenger on the back of this machine, and so I poked around on the web for a while until I found an original for sale. Issue #1 solved. The second change has to do with what I consider to be a shortcoming of the bike (one of the few). The instrument display is unreadable in sunlight. I am not sure how the factory missed this, but if the sun is high in the sky, you have to use your clutch hand to shield the display to read it. Not that I would endorse such an action, but I have heard that this has been done....


A new tinted windshield was cheap and easy to find. I opted for dark tint since I am never actually looking through the windshield. With both items installed, the bike actually looks quite a bit different. Now to find a tank...