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2000 GMC Sierra 3500

Heart Transplant

Classic Velocity


I have never actually had a complete engine failure. Until now. They never blow when sitting idling in your driveway, they blow under load ! In this case, towing a loaded trailer up a hill. The sudden loss of power came with no warning, and the truck crawled to the next exit which was just over the crest and fortunately only a few tenths of a mile. It felt like the motor, but there was no smoke, no big mechanical noise, just a whine and a periodic screech.


Turns out it spun a main bearing. Unusual at just 130K, but there it is. I contemplated getting something else, but the value would be zero as a trade. The only good news is that a motor is relatively inexpensive. The bad news is that the labor is not. It took 2 weeks to get the job done, and a marathon run to get it back home. Well, it should be good for a while and it has a warranty !