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2000 GMC Sierra 3500

Guages Are Good

Classic Velocity

Somehow, I noticed that the temperature guage was climbing. I am not sure why I noticed it, because it was creeping rather slowly past the normal range. It was probably some subconscious knowledge of where the guages are under normal conditions. Not that conditions had been normal. This has been a brutal winter so far with record low temps for days on end, and record snowfall. The truck had become the vehicle of choice for a few weeks and was subject to the worst of it. The guage got up to about 220 degrees before sinking back to normal. Over several days, I noticed this to be rather consistent behavior. 


I topped up the coolant, and found that it did not climb quite as high, but the movement was still taking place. I decided to eliminate the thermostat as the culprit and purchased one along with some coolant. I did notice that the cooling system is filled with regular anti-freeze rather than the more expensive DexCool. I replaced the thermostat and returned everything to spec. I did notice that when turned off, the guages (all of them) stayed in position rather than returning to rest on the far left.  On the test drive, the behavior was still there, but it climbed no higher than 190 degrees which is the thermostat rating. Could this guage behavior and movement have been there all along ? According to a couple of forums, no. This may be a faulty temp sensor....