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2000 GMC Sierra 3500

Enhancing Towing Capacity

Classic Velocity

Well I guess I am a GM kind of a guy when it comes to heavy duty workhorse vehicles. The Chevy "Shagwagon" van was great, but had a few flaws. It had no A/C and not so good highway mileage. The main issue though was not enough towing capacity. It was a half-ton van, and liked loads somewhere well south of that weight. Lastly, it was limited in height inside, so some bikes would have to be partially disassembled in order to fit.

I reluctantly started trolling craigslist, and found the Sierra. After going to see it, I discovered a great truck in my price range with relatively low mileage. The bed is kind of beat up, but that matters not. The drive train was in great shape. The great price, did come at a price (pun intended), however. It needs a passenger mirror, drivers side door mechanism inside and out, a front grill, possibly headlight glass (it is the old classic body style), 4 tires, A/C present, but not working, no hitch/wiring, etc.  All fixable, but a ton of stuff (pun intended).......