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1990 Mercedes 300CE

To Each His Own

Classic Velocity

This machine belongs to a Mercedes enthusiast. He is a long time owner of this machine along with several other machines from the three-pointed star. However, he has found the engine to be somewhat under-powered, leaky, and expensive components for this limited run car have been failing over his 15 years of ownership. His solution ? Swap the engine for another 3 liter........wait for it.........From a Toyota. Is he stark raving mad ? As a German car enthusiast, how does he reach such a conclusion ? How will he withstand the wrath of the Mercedes Coupe community ? Is he a Toyota man now ? What should he call it ? Toyedes Benz ? 

Besides the obvious polarizing issues here is an interesting question. What makes a car belong to a given marque ? The owner maintains that it remains a Mercedes, but is that because the vin is a Mercedes ? This is the story of his swap, and our musings about this question..