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1990 Mercedes 300CE

The Non-traditionalist

Classic Velocity


To help further set the stage, our enthusiast is not exactly a "bone stock" kind of guy. The 300CE in question has more than a few mods. Wheels and tires, headlights, racing pedals, etc. The kinds of things that many of us have done, but to his own sense of taste and style. What is "too far" for him is very different than for you. Or is it? Is it sacrilege to put after market rims and lower profile tires on the car? I know that few BMW 2002s are wearing the original profile Michelin tires from the early 70s, and many have 14" or bigger rims. Same thing? What about newer/better headlights? What if you make a mod that looks original? Is that somehow more acceptable? Anyway, on to the project...

the body is straight and pretty unchanged original in black. The clean looking transplant engine arrives on a pallet. Multiple views below.... our enthusiast says that this swap is not unusual in Asia and some other parts of the world, so Info and instructions on the swap are readily available. Now the work begins....